??Pakistan: Online tutorials for hockey players during Ramadan


Pakistan Hockey
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Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has planned online tutorials for national players to keep them fully fit while continue adhering to the mandatory lockdown conditions to combat coronavirus pandemic during the holy month of Ramadan.

“We are going to start online classes for our players during Ramadan. There’ll be various groups of four to five players, who will be receiving a 15-minute video from our previous matches as well as those of other international teams. We’ll share these videos regularly with them. They’ll be asked to watch these videos carefully, take down notes and also edit one or two moves. Then, we’ll hold discussions via online video conferencing to gauge their understanding,” Pakistan Hockey’s National head coach Khawaja Muhammad Junaid told APP on Thursday.

Junaid said that previously the players were given a four-week workout plan at the outset of lockdown to help them maintain physical fitness and prepare them for future assignments after the end of coronavirus pandemic.

“When you don’t train for a long period your muscles get weak. Hence, through the workout plan that involved various exercises we’ve tried to help players maintain their pre-shutdown cardiovascular level.

Despite the trying times, the players’ response to workout plan has been very encouraging.

“Now, we’ve devised a test that is starting today [Thursday]. The test contains a set of various exercises and through these we’ll gauge their heart rate and muscle strength. We’ll try to know how many repetitions [of these exercises], they make in a minute. This will provide us their baseline during the lockdown period.”

The head coach said that after the end of coronavirus pandemic the players would be in a position to make onward preparations.


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