Coronavirus: English Football League Clubs Agree Deal With PFA To Defer 25 Percent Of Wages In April | Football News


    “A compromise proposal has been agreed between the EFL and the PFA for those clubs engaged in deferral negotiations with their players, meaning that, up to a maximum of 25 percent of players’ wages for April may be conditionally deferred,” the EFL and PFA said in a joint statement.

    As part of the agreement, players earning less than 2,500 pounds ($3,153) per month will be paid in full and the 25 percent reduction must also not take any player below the 2,500 pounds a month threshold.

    No such agreement has been reached between the PFA and Premier League clubs, who have requested players take a 30 percent hit between cuts and deferrals.

    Southampton became the first Premier League club to agree wage deferrals last week.

    Premier League players have also announced a collaborative charitable fund to raise money for Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) on top of any cuts or deferrals agreed.


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