Isiah Thomas reacts to Michael Jordan calling him an ‘a**hole’ |


Michael Jordan Isiah Thomas
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Isiah Thomas reacted to the comments of Michael Jordan, who called him an ‘a**hole’ in Episode 4 of ‘The Last Dance’.

Thomas said he did not expect Jordan to make those comments and was surprised by that.

“We’ve been in public places before, had interactions with each other, have gone out to dinner. He, Ahmad Rashad and I have had dinner together. My son, he’s given him his gym shoes, jerseys. I’ve seen him in public several times, and I’ve never got any type of hostility or un-pleasantries from him.

He’s always been extremely nice to me and my family whenever we’ve been out in the past. … I was surprised to definitely hear him say that about me, but maybe he just had a bad moment,” Thomas said during an appearance on the Jamie and Stoney Show on Tuesday.


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