Klay Thompson’s father explains why LeBron James deserves to be MVP over Giannis Antetokounmpo | TalkBasket.net


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Mychal Thompson, father of the Golden State Warriors sharp shooter, recently said that the Los Angeles Lakers should be crowned NBA champions if the season is not resumed. He also thinks that LeBron James should be named the MVP over Giannis Antetokounmpo.

According to him, the fact that the Lakers are playing in a tougher conference gives James an edge over the reigning NBA MVP, per Mark Medina of USA TODAY:

“Giannis is deserving of it too, obviously. If he got it, there would not be any controversy at all. He was just as deserving. But LeBron was playing in a tougher conference.”

Mychal Thompson

This season LeBron is averaging 25.7 points, 7.9 rebounds and 10.6 assists per game. Meanwhile, Giannis is posting 29.6 points, 13.7 rebounds and 5.8 assists.


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