Lord’s Taverners launches online hub for young people


A child plays table cricket – one of the activities supported by the Lord’s Taverners

A free online hub to help disadvantaged and disabled young people has been launched by The Lord’s Taverners.

The hub, designed to increase physical activity and help with mental wellbeing amid the coronavirus pandemic, suggests tasks that can be done at home.

They include a cricket writing competition set by Test Match Special commentator Daniel Norcross.

There is also a bat tap challenge – keeping a ball in the air with anything from a cricket bat to a frying pan.

The Lord’s Taverners is the UK’s leading youth cricket and disability sports charity.

Its Super 1s scheme is designed to offer disabled young people aged 12-25 an opportunity to play grassroots cricket.

Table Cricket is aimed at those aged 8-18 and is a pan-disability form of cricket played around a table tennis table, while Wicketz is a community cricket programme for children who deal with severe deprivation around the UK.

Visit the Lord’s Taverners website to find each individual area’s online hub: Super 1s