What ‘The Last Dance’ Didn’t Tell You About Michael Jordan’s Relationship With Shady Golf Hustler Slim Bouler


Notorious golf hustler Slim Bouler was quite the notable inclusion in episode six of ‘The Last Dance’ on Sunday night.

Bouler was hit with money laundering and drug trafficking charges around the same time he received a $57,000 check from Michael Jordan in 1991.

Jordan originally said the money was a loan, but later admitted it was a gambling debt.

MJ also testified in his golf buddy’s ensuing trial, all four days of which featured Bouler sitting in the courtroom in full golfing attire with his clubs nearby, all in an effort to convince the jury that he was more Tiger Woods than Walter White.

The jury ultimately found Bouler guilty of money laundering but acquitted him of all drug charges, and that is more or less where ‘The Last Dance’ left the Bouler-Jordan story.

However, there’s still this juicy morsel to digest:

Bouler believes to this day that for the duration of the trial, Jordan’s career was in his hands, saying he could have ended it all for MJ right then and there.

Instead, Bouler says he saved him, and he’s furious that Jordan never even spoke to him again.

“You’re a billionaire, I mean, you’re a billionaire and me and you are all right,” Bouler told The Athletic in late 2017. “They (federal investigators) come to me to try to knock you out, I mean, you ain’t got no career if I cooperate with the government.

“I don’t cooperate. They take everything I got. They take my life for eight years. I can’t go back and get that. When I come home, what you gonna do for me?… You’re a billionaire. What would you do for me?

“… They wanted a lie. They wanted me to say that it was tied up in drugs.”

Bouler went on to suggest that after he got out of jail in 2000, Jordan should have thanked him with a bag of cash.

Of course, Jordan was exceeding unlikely to engage in any further financial transactions with Bouler, considering that is quite specifically how he got entangled in this whole mess in the first place.

But Bouler believes the only reason he attracted the attention of the authorities was because he had a sizeable check from the world’s most famous human being.

So to recap, Bouler’s side of the story was essentially: “Mike’s presence attracting the feds was the only reason I went to court, but I saved his ass anyway and dude never thanked me or even spoke to me again.”

Meanwhile, Jordan will tell you he strongly distanced himself from Bouler because he’d come to realise the man was one hell of a shady character (a bit of Shaq-Joe Exotic situation, if you will).

Either way, the lesson here is that any time you gamble with some dude rocking a Jheri curl called “Slim”, it’s probably not going to end well.

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