“Worse Than Coronavirus”: Chris Gayle Lashes Out At Former Teammate | Cricket News


“Right now, Sarwan, you are worse than the coronavirus right now,” Gayle said in a scathing statement.

“What transpired with the Tallawahs, I know you have a big part to play in this,” the left-handed batsman said. “Because you and the owner are like this,” Gayle adds, crossing his fingers to indicate a tight bond.

“You claim we are friends, but yet still, you don’t pick up the phone and call.

“Sarwan, you were the one at my last birthday party here in Jamaica, on the platform giving a big speech on how far we have come,” Gayle said.

“Sarwan, you are a snake,” he said.

“You’re so vindictive, you are still immature, you are still stabbing people in the back,” Gayle fumed.

“When are you going to change, Sarwan? When are you planning to change?” he said.

Watch Gayle’s full rant on Sarwan here:

Gayle went on to recall an anecdote from 1996, when the two were teammates for West Indies Under-19.

“We were roommates, we shared the same room,” he said.

“You allowed the management staff to send me home from Barbados. I will never forget that. I forgive, but I will never forget,” Gayle said.

“You went and told the management team that you can’t sleep because Chris Gayle watches TV too late in the night. That’s what I got sent home for,” Gayle said.

“In everybody’s eyes, you act like you are this saint, you are this good person. Sarwan, you’re evil. You’re wicked. You’re poison,” Gayle said.


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